Mobile Development

Science and technology govern our world. They define lifestyle and various sociological, psychological and other phenomena. The greatest influence on modern man was exerted by the appearance and development of smart devices. In the smartphone era, people bring their portable devices everywhere with them, depending on them. All thanks to one of the software development’s division – mobile development.

Successful mobile app development combines three key aspects: market, user, & the product itself. Combining these factors in a smart way - using the best tools and expertise - delivers unique value, great usability, and solid performance to your users.

Our mobile app development services are designed to deliver leading, bespoke solutions for your unique business requirements. Team of developers do not just create custom software but we give the answers to your business problems.

Innovate faster to deliver peerless performance with cutting-edge mobile solutions.

iOS App

Our designers, developers, and strategists integrate with your team to rapidly prototype a project during our proven design sprint process and ultimately launch a successful product for iOS platforms written in Objective-C or Swift programming language.

Android App

We are product strategists that work with our clients to build sustainable, long-term businesses that, when combined with our best-in-class Android app developers and engineering expertise, allows our clients to leverage the power of Android to its fullest.

Netive React

Write code once and deploy it to both Android and iOS to reach your whole audience at the same time. Specialised in hybrid solutions which reaches millions, we change perceptions and set the standard for innovation in industries.


Turn your ideas into outstanding digital products. If you can think it, we can build it!

Idea Analysis

We explore your idea.
Every app starts with an idea. The first step is to deeply analyze the idea and strategize how to get it ticking for the best. Our expert team of mobile app developers will start out your project by analyzing your idea and coming up with solutions to achieve your goals.

UI/UX Design

After having the wireframe designed, our team of highly skilled designers will take over the project to design the best and most interactive UI/UX as per the requirements of your mobile application. Design defines the whole user experience.


In this stage we give the functionality to our designs and bring out the first functional prototypes. Once the prototypes are validated, we develop the complete app with all its feature sets and functionalities. We test the application to kick out all the bugs and to make sure that it runs with optimum performance accross all devices and use-cases.

Quality Assurance

We don’t want our clients to worry about bugs at all. That's why we do not compromise in quality and make sure you get 100% bug free app. Therefore, once the development phase ends, our quality assurance team gets together to test each module individually to make sure they work perfectly.


Once we have stabilized the release candidate of the app, it's time to take it live.
Congratulations! Everything is ready and it’s time to press the launch button. Once our quality assurance team gives a thumbs up to the app, we’ll make your app live on the app store. Your app is ready to appear on the App store or Play store on this stage of Development.

Support & Maintenance

The lifecyle of an app does not end after launching the product. We need to take the app to the next level. We help app owners anaylze the performance of their existing app, finding and developing more features, and preparing a plan for future releases. We give support & answer every query after deployment.


We can build native mobile apps on iOS & Android platforms or hybrid app as well. Companies and organizations choosing It Creator for their custom mobile development needs can be assured that their final deliverable, no matter the technology it's built on, will be secure, scalable and sustainable in whatever environment it's hosted.

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