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IT-Creator with headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia, pretend to be a company that offers the best integrated solutions for IT and business process for complex operations. Our business solutions, integrated with Data Analytics, Mobility, Digital technology and Cloud, are focused on the following industry groups: banking and financial services; manufacturing; retail and consumer products; media and entertainment; energy and utilities, and product and engineering solutions.

When opportunities or challenges arise, we believe solutions exist, take risks to find answers, think “outside the box,” are willing to fail, persevere to the end, remain optimistic, and maintain our sense of wonder.
Being team players, we commit to collaborating with others, coming from a place of respect and generosity of spirit, honoring different opinions and perspectives, trusting that others will do the same. This culture of teamwork empowers all to speak the truth, stay in the conversation, and when necessary, question the status quo. This level of collaboration requires support for one another, a willingness to do whatever it takes, and hearty celebration of successes.
Our enterprise is entirely dedicated to modest values which enables our employees and management to reach the heights of customer satisfaction and service excellence.

Our Advantage:

Our Business Ethics:

Customer-first Approach 100% Transparency
Simple & Effective Project Management Client's Win Is Our Win
Experience & Expertise Result-oriented Performances
Global Exposure Proactive Process Management
Envisioning Success Quality First

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide excellent customer services,
    to bring inspiration and innovation in every segment IT industry.
    To inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities.
    To provide better support for our business partner.
    Playful interaction leads to powerful innovation.
    Don't just plan for your future, rehearse IT.
    Why make a memo when you can make a memory?

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    Our vision

    Our vision is to become a resource for innovation.
    Innovation is the practical expression of imagination.
    It turns ideas into reality.
    The IT Creator provides the environment that supports this expression, seeing opportunities for innovation in our daily lives as well as around the world.
    Top quality products and services.
    Integrated and reliable network.
    Highly motivated workforce.

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    Corporate values

    "Our core values support our vision, shape our culture and reflect what we value."
    Our integrity build relationships and succsess.
    Caring & Respect
    We Care for and respect everyone.
    We fulfill our commitment through teamwork.
    Quality drives everything we do.

Our Skills

The most in-demand jobs for the new year might be rooted in the booming computer industry,
We are specialist in those skills.